Saturday, April 19, 2014

A moment of silence

9 years ago today was the absolute worst day of my life. I buried my daughter. It wasn't fair, her tiny little body put in a box for all time. I remember throwing up violently in the bathroom of the funeral home just after her funeral before we went to the cemetery.. There were so many tears I didn't know how to handle them. Though I was surrounded by family and friends, there was something huge missing. She was missing. 

Friends, this road never gets easier, and don't let anyone tell you it does, because they're lying. What did change for me was God placed many people in my life that brought sunshine into my life. 

April 14th the day she died, we now celebrate her life as well as Jamie's Birthday. April 19th we buried Madilyne and here 9 years later we are celebrating my nephew Blake's 3rd birthday, as he was born on the day of Madilynes funeral.

 If you believe these are coincidences, you are wrong. This is God, straight from Heaven. Today I urge you, do something for someone else. Be kind, and spread the love. Fly High Madi! 💛💐 

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