Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

A little bitty blog, and a whole lot of stuff coming to you and us in the coming days.  Exciting isn't it?  The girl who thought being a mother again was not an option in her heart, becomes the front mission. It is so amazing to me what the heart can do when you love someone so much.  I adore Jamie so much, and he really really wants us to do everything we can to have a child of our own.  He really deserves that, and God has placed it in my heart, whole heartedly, to give it all we've got to make this happen.

Welcome to our little spot, thank you for loving us, for caring so much to follow our journey.  It means the world to us, and we hope to hear stories from you all as well.

I am a writer, but a horrible writer when emotions are involved, as I love to get invested in those feelings, so hold on tight, I will be writing from the cars, from waiting rooms, from dr offices you name it, you are really coming along for this journey with a front row seat.

Hold on to your hats, there is a Puckett Little being prayed for!

Rachel and Jamie


  1. My dear Rachel...this is an amazing journey for you to embark on. I can only imagine the mixed emotions you have about becoming a mother again, from fear to guilt to elation and excitement...but I know that if anyone can do this, YOU are the one. Madi's legacy continues to thrive and live on thanks to you and hopefully welcoming a new little bundle will only strengthen that.
    I know there will be bumps in the road and smooth waters at times...sunny days and rainy ones. I wish you ALL the luck, love and happiness on this journey because you deserve it. Jamie deserves it. Madi would love it. So proud of your strength, so proud of YOU! <3

    1. I may or may not have cried reading your comment. I can not tell you how much you mean to me Beth.. You may not have ever known the extent, but you are so loved by me, you could never know just how much. Thank you love! <3

  2. Oh, Rachel. I am SO excited for you and Jamie...for so many reasons! Not just because there will soon be a little Puckett....but also because he supports you SO much in your mission to fight for children because of what happened to Madi, it's so clear that you both love each other SO much and also because I feel like if you're able to embark on this journey, it means your heart has healed just a little more than before.

    I also have to say, while a monster violently ripped Madi away from you much too soon, there's one thing that can NEVER be taken away....motherhood. You refer to yourself as "the girl who thought being a mother again was not an option in her heart..." and my first thought was "wait...she's STILL a mother!". You ARE a mother. You have been a mother since the moment Madi was conceived. THAT can never be ripped from you!

    I hope and pray with everything in me that you and Jamie will be blessed with a perfect little angel and even more than that, I pray that you finally have the opportunity to empty all of that love you have in your heart onto another child of your own...I hope you have the opportunity to show the world what a wonderful mother you really are. I hope and pray you have the opportunity to watch a child of your very own grow into adulthood. Lastly, I will pray to God regularly that Baby Puckett brings SOMETHING to you from Madi...whether it be a certain expression, a smile, a giggle, even a sparkle in his/her eye....just SOMETHING to let your heart smile whenever you recognize it, SOMETHING to let you know she's "there", SOMETHING to let your heart feel the love she's sending you from above.

    Because of the circumstances, you may face a few heartaches along the way. But, rest assured, you're one of the strongest mothers I WILL get over every bump in the road and the end result WILL be worth it. I'm certain you and Jamie will be blessed at the end of this journey! Please know that during your journey, I will be thinking about you, Jamie, Madi and Baby Puckett! I will be praying for you often. I am elated to be able to follow you during your journey so please DO post from the car, waiting rooms, etc. And thank you....thank you SO much for sharing your journey with us! I'm sure I speak for many when I say I feel honored to be able to follow this from the very beginning. Best of luck to both of you!!!! <3

    1. For me I'll always know I am a mother, however sadly to some it ended just as tragically as Madis life. Either way your words ring true to my heart and thank you so much for your love!

  3. god bless the both of you, and i am so looking forward to following these blogs,