Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paperwork and other fun things that ooze sarcasm

We got it in the mail on Monday.  The stack of official paperwork.  I have never been one to enjoy paperwork, however this paperwork was exciting, and quite hilarious at times.  Maybe that makes me and J childish, but if you can't laugh, what are you doing with your life?

J would be the first to admit, most of the questions on the questionnaire either made his face turn a lovely shade of red, or left him asking me to repeat the question followed by.. "WHAT!?"  Laughing and giggling is healthy.  Is this process comical, absolutely not.  You get me, I know there is no explanation needed, but just in case you have come upon our blog by chance, I figured since you do not personally know me, I should elaborate.  {I tend to do this quite often}

All the paperwork is filled out, we are fully registered, we have successfully verified that our employers cover all we are seeking to do, and are set.  What a blessing!  I assume you know this is a quite expensive process, and truly without the blessing of our health insurance, we would not be able to go on this journey.  The abundant blessings are overfilling our hearts!

Going through online blogs and checklists, I have started now and have cut out soda, among many other things, such a sweets that do not come from fruit, etc.  I'm not an addicted soda drinker, I will choose to drink it if its available, but I do not feel I have to have it.  It amazes me how our bodies feel without all that soda in our bodies.  I am feeling a million times better so far, and am working to limit caffeine.

Point being, I am so scared to quit caffeine.  If you remember in my obsessive exercise days I quit caffeine and ended up with migraines daily.  It was a horrible process, to where I granted myself 1 cup of coffee per day.  I continue to do that today, unless Starbucks is involved, but I am guessing you know the end to that story.  Either way, I know it is not good for a baby, and I am working to remove it the healthy way, and pray against the migraines as they are not welcome.

Not too much longer now, it is so very exciting to think we are going to have a bunch of answers soon.  No matter what our path holds for us, we know the end result will be more than worth the wait!

Hope your week is coming to a close nicely!
Rachel and Jamie

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